Monday, 16 May 2016


We cannot believe that 1 year after putting the deposit down on the H&L package, we are so close to the finish line!

Although there are still a few things to be fixed up, for example our letter box, driveway and front yard, etc., we are very happy with how everything turned out (our colour choices which were made 10 months ago)

Our house looks so much better with painted pillars in windspray colour (matching the roof) than just surfmist.

 Front door - Hume NEX35 in Gemini Sliver colour and with translucent glasses. Tri-lock Angular satin chrome.

Wall colour - stonebridge, 90mm classic cornices (matt), architraves (gloss) in standard white.
Floor - Gerflor insight clic caldwell (very dusty, not yet cleaned)

Interior doors - Hume DEN
Walk in robe - melamine shelving

Shower - stainless steel frame (floor tiles are grey and wall tiles are white..)
 Vanity - 3 drawer banks
 Mirror - frameless
 Tapware - impression package
 Hand towel rings / double towel rail

since we used warm light, everything looks a bit yellow.

Kitchen splash back (detroit grey) had just been installed. It looked less green than I expected - thumbs up. All cabinets are inmatt white colour (hides the fingerprints and grease; no reflections). Our ceasarstone benchtop is 20mm white shimmer which has little bling bling effects, no waterfall. Taps (water and filtered water) and double bowl undermount sink are from impression upgrades.

Looking into dining room from the kitchen. We added an extra window at the back.

Living room

 I'll give more details in my next update, listing out all 'issues' and 'questions' we raised during PCI.

CONSTRUCTION - 16.04.2016 One month later..

One month later....

Other than the 2-week delay on the floorings, everything else was moving fast.
Driveway was ready to be poured and painting was done inside and out - kinda.. (they missed to paint the pillars)

We were only able to see inside through the windows. It looked like all tap wares, shelving and electrical were completed already.

Kitchen splash back (detroit grey) had just been installed. It looked less green than I expected - thumbs up. All cabinets are in matt white colour (hides the fingerprints and grease; no reflections). Our ceasarstone benchtop is 20mm white shimmer which has little bling bling effects, no waterfall. Taps (water and filtered water) and double bowl undermount sink are from impression upgrades.

Wall colour is stonebridge, I'll post clearer photos in the PCI update.

Friday, 18 March 2016

CONSTRUCTION - 18.03.2016 Tiling Check DONE

We are now moved on to STEP 5: LININGS, KITCHENS & TILING in MJH's 8 steps. (MJH - 8 steps), next step is PRACTICAL COMPLETION!

We had the second last inspection with our Site Supervisor (SS) on Friday, 18th Mar 2016. Waterproofing, internal doors, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are all completed.

Our SS check the tiles with us, as well as how the tiles are going to be laid. Tiling commenced on the same day, and painting will start after Easter break.

Internal doors - Danish style (upgrade)

 -  Ensuite shower

- Vanity - 3 drawers (upgrade)

- Main bathroom

- Bathroom tiles ( wall - white, floor - grey)

- Kitchen (fridge cabinets, pantry, wall cabinets (lip, no handle), pot drawers, etc.

- Kitchen island


Electrical and pipes went in after roof was done, which was a quick job.

Then it took around 2 weeks to put on the walls (and filling the gaps between the plasterboards, etc.), cornices, skirtings (for carpet) and architrave.

During which time, garage door and external doors were installed and internal doors were delivered.

On 11th March, we received the message from MJH saying it's now officially locked up. =]

- Garage door (single) is called Heritage short panels, surfmist colour

CONSTRUCTION - 21.02.2016 Electrical DONE

During electrical walk through, our Site Supervisor check every single item on the list with us. All electrical items (light, power points, phone line, etc) were marked on the floor.

It was a very short walk through.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

CONSTRUCTION - 08.02.2016 Roof DONE

Roof only took 2 days. This is how Austral Engage brick and Colourbond Windspray roof look like in the dark and in the sun.

CONSTRUCTION - 04.02.2016 Brickwork DONE

Brick is done. Only took 9 business days. It looks pretty straight from the sides. However, I did found the lines around the windows are not straight.

Need to organise an appointment to walk through and have a closer look at everything.

Roof started right away. When we visited the site on the weekend, sarking and fascia have been put on, half of the roof has been installed as well. Just waiting for eaves and the other half of the roof to be put on. Downpipes might be installed at the later stage.

Say 'hi' to my new neighbours :)